How Do You Make Coconut Shampoo?


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This is from the website:
Shampoo for Dry Hair
This is great for when your hair has a midlife crisis. You know; it begins to break off, is dry, and hard to deal with. The coconut milk and rosewater add precious moisture to the hair and they just smell really good together.

•1/2 cup hot water
•¼ cup unsprayed rose petals
•¼ cup of unsweetened coconut milk
•1 tablespoon organic coconut oil
•3 tablespoons grated Castile soap
•1 tablespoon rosewater
•3 drops rose otto essential oil
Steep the rose petals for a half hour and then strain. Blend in the remaining ingredients.

Homemade shampoos do not lather in the same way that commercial shampoo does. You don't need to use more, the organic, homemade shampoo will get your hair just as clean as the kinds that make mountains of lather. It will also rinse out much more easily without leaving residue.

•Use distilled water rather than tap water. This way you won't be adding chemicals into your organic ingredients.
•Allow the shampoo to permeate the hair shaft for about three minutes before rinsing off.
•Always rinse with warm water. Hot water can lead to more hair damage.
•Keep the shampoo sealed.
•Always keep it in a cool, dark place, unless the recipe states otherwise.
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At first add coconut oil and baby shampoo in a bottle after that add 1 teaspoon olive oil, vitamin E oil/ almond oil then shake the bottle to merge ingredients.

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