What's The Best Hair Cut For Me?


6 Answers

moodie madd Profile
moodie madd answered
Well based on the picture I see of you your hair is very pretty, but if you want a change add layers or maybe some bangs. Not across the forehead bangs, but just one the front of your hair gradually get shorter!
Suny Day Profile
Suny Day answered
I think you look lovely with long hair.
Katie Hefdner Profile
Katie Hefdner answered
You should get like a modern bob I think it would look adorable!!
dori nunya Profile
dori nunya answered
Well maybe you should get layers and some cute side bangs to tie it all  up. But hair cuts really depend on your face shape.
It's Private Huh Profile
You can go to this site which helps you to make up a good hair style for you. It also tells which hair styles suit your face shape.

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