What's The Best Cut/style For My Thin Fine Hair?


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Try having your stylist cut it straight across the back. It really will make your hair look thicker.

My hair is incredibly thin, fine, and straight too. My experience with layers is that are NOT intended for hair with out a bit of natural body. Off and on I've had people convince me to do the layer thing. They always say something about how much layering has changed since blah, blah, blah, and I ALWAYS wound up looking like peter pan (and then it would grow out leaving me looking 10 times worse)!
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My personal favorite is "none". I've had others and none has worked as well as taking good care of the hair and *not* cutting it beyond trimming individual split ends. At full length(s) it can be quickly and conveniently twisted or gathered back or up with a clasp, clip or tie.

The stretch headbands are convenient for intermediate hair lengths and can be augmented with scarves, bows or clips, if desired.

Yes, I am keying from decades of experience with Fine Thin hair, including 15 years off-and-on with hair cuts or otherwise short hair.
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You should get it slightly layered. You should go to a professional for it. To give it some shape, rather then slicking straight to your head like helmet-head {usually if you have straight hair, that happens} - you can get a perm, or at least take the time to curl your hair in the morning. But, if you do decide to do that, you need to deep condition your hair daily; to prevent split ends & breakage.

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I disagree. My thin, fine hair does MUCH better with a blunt cut. Length from bottom of ear lobe to chin as suits your face. Curl, body perm if you wish. Use a conditioner that is also a volumiser.I found that regular conditioners made my hair look "puny".

I ultimately let my hair grow and now I have a great French twist which I can do in two minutes. At hurried times I clip it with a barrette in back. I am "older" so this would likely not suit you, but it is an option.
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Your hair should be cut to best compliment your face shape, thick or thin. Perming thin hair is a bad idea because perming solution can break the hair and thin hair is in danger of that, not to mention, perms went out in the 80's. The colour of the hair can also create an illusion of thick hair. See a hairdresser for further advice.
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I have fine, thin hair, and I keep mine texturized and mid length rather than long because it really looks even thinner when it gets longer(--probably from the weight). The shorter cut at about shoulder length and with texturizing tends to give it more depth, bounce, and fullness. There are hair products (including ones from natural ingredients) that can add fullness to your hairstyle, as well.

Keep in mind if you are already loosing hair that bands and barrettes can tug at an already fragile hair root. While it is possible your hair loss is due to stress or medication, you can do a few things which may help with your hair loss, as well. Avoid excessive brushing and ensure you are getting good nutrition, including ample B vitamins, don't smoke and avoid alcohol.
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Well as long as you stay away from long layers you should be fine. Long layers tend to thin out hair... It is hard to say not knowing your face shape or seeing a pic.
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Shoulder length or shorter probably works the best. If you haven't tried highlights, now's the time-it will coarsen some of the hair to make it look thicker, and add the appearance of depth to your hair.

Hopefully, once your weight has leveled off from the surgery, your hair will stop getting thinner.

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