I Have A Small Face, Very Thick Hair,what Type Of Hair Style Would Work For Me?


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My opinion, the best style for you you would be a mercedes cut.
Layered and brushed frontward with highlights and streaks.
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I have super-thick and wavy/curly hair and an oval face -- mine is actually so thick and has so much natural body that the last three stylists I've seen have refused to cut it in a pixie (which I would love to have) because it would be so much upkeep and would grow out terribly and they don't want me to look like a mushroom. I wish I could wear one, but I see their point...

As it is, I wear my hair in a stacked, angled bob. The shortest layers are around the occipital in the back and it tapers to my nape, and the front is to my chin with a few shorter piecy layers in front. Some of the bulk has been thinned out of the back so it lies a little better, but it still looks very thick. I can blow it dry or flat iron it straight, or it works equally well if I let the curls go.

When I was younger, I also successfully pulled off a modified guys cut -- very closely tapered (practically shaved) in the back, so it was pretty tailored, and then about 4-6 inches long on top.
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I would just get my hair so its cut to the shoulder then get some layers
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Is your hair straight, wavy or curly? I have a round face also and stick straight hair. It is fine strands but thick. If you have straight hair you might consider a Sling cut...The hair is tapered or cut close at the neck up to the occipital bone (at the base of the back of your head) From that point it is stacked in the back with the front and sides angled sharply toward the chin.
My daughter has natural wavy very thick hair and a small face. She convinced me to take it from well passed her shoulders to spiked in the back and layered in the front close to her head. My heart sunk to my stomach as I saw all of this beautiful hair fall to the floor but the results were breathtaking, her Senior pictures turned out Beautifully and one of the Photographers took extra shots in front of other props not used for the usual HS pics. Then tells me, I could work with her all day, she takes direction so well and the camera loves her.
The other cut that hardly ever fails on round faces is the wedge. It is an older cut like the sling but can be modified to the later styles.
Wherever you decide to get your haircut, arrive about 20mins early and ask to look at the styling books with short styles. Then discuss with the stylist what you like and ask him/her what they think? There are also Hairstyle magazines at all of the Magazine racks in the grocery stores and Wal-mart...etc. Flip through some of those and see what ideas you get.
Good Luck, hope I helped and God Bless...Nanny
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Hi I think you should ask a hairdresser or look at the models in the magazine for how to suit you about the type of hair or maybe you would have your preference but you should try it at first so later you 'll know how to choose it in order to suit your face.

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