I Have Coloured My Hair, Its A Light Brownish Caramel Blonde. I Am Not Sure Which Colour Eye Shadow To Use?.


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Alisha K answered
It really depends on both, your hair colour and skin colour, if you have WARM skin with light brown hair (Like Jennifer Aniston or Geri Halliwell) then I suggest you use Flattering colours. Lighter shades work best with your fairer hair, avoid any look that involves dark heavy lips and eyes. You should also be careful with blush, if its too heavy it will make your skin look paler and you older. To really light up your face, apply little blush or bronzer to the apples of your cheeks and also the tip of your nose and chin, as this will enhance your warm colouring.

Your best eye colurs include: Warm Browns, Shimmery Golds, Shimmery Greens, Pale yellows or peaches.

Your best Blush include: Apricot or tawny brown

Your Best Lipsticks include: Golden Brown, Corals, Peachy Pinks or Bronzes

However, if on the other hand you have COOL skin with light brown hair (Like Gwyneth Paltrow or Claudia Schiffer) then I suggest you use cool, icy tones. Keeping well away from warm yellows and oranges!

Colours that will flatter you most include blue and pink undertones.

Too many light colours on your face wil make you look washed out so be well aware. Ensure your look has a 'focus' eg a darker shadow, noticeable or even bright lipstick etc. If you want to wear pastel eyes and nude lips, apply lots of mascara. Blusher should be applied no darker than rosy pink - Going any deeper will look unnatural.

Your best eye colurs include: Slate Greys, sky or icy blue, lilacs and plums. Navy or grey masacara can also look better than black.

Your best Blush include: Sugary or rosy pink

Your Best Lipsticks include: Sugary pinks, lilacs, heathers or pinky browns.

All the best x
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Will Martin answered
Your eyeshadow choice depends more on your eye colour and skin tone than your hair colour. Even so, there are no universal rules. If you have brown eyes, for instance, you might find that some bronzey, goldy shades look great with your brown eyes and dark blonde hair. But if your skin isn't warm-looking, you could just end up looking tired - in that case, try soft shades of blue instead. You could hold different colours up near your face to see which ones make your skin and hair look brighter. Try all kinds of different colours - you can get a surprise and find that something you would never normally try looks great. It's also good to mix colours from different shadow sets.

Depending on what you're wearing, a very good look sometimes is to let your eyeshadow echo the tones of your top, sweater or whatever.

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