Is Grey Hair Really A Sign Of Old Age?


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In some cultures and beliefs Grey hair is a sign of intelligence and knowledge associated with ones life and as such reflects the respect that is to be given. As such I am very intelligent and knowledgeable!
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No, definitely not! Gray hair is a sign of wisdom!! It's how the person wears the gray hair, meaning how it looks on that person, because everyone cannot wear gray hair. I've seen gray hair on older people as well as young people that looks simply gorgeous and doesn't make the person look any older.
But then again, I think it's how it looks on a person!!
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I sure hope not cause I've got quite a few myself...LOL.. I don't consider myself OLD!! BTW 1 strand is nothing try stress about...
Absolutely has to do with the loss of pigmentation in one's hair...♥Nassy
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Grey hair has nothing to do with old age. Its when you lose that one thing I forgot. But google it and you might get a pretty interesting answer.
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Gray hair is hereditary.  Pease don't freak out at 27.  My daughter had her first gray hair in 3rd grade.
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No, it isn't. The color of your hair doesn't correlate with your age.
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I was told that grey hair is from the stress in your life that does it.  So I blame all my grey hair on my three boys and my husband.  I have a lot of grey hair and I have to dye it every 2 months.
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Nah my friend use to find gray hairs in her hair when she was 15, and my granddad had a monks ring at the age of 20... It's just a part of life and comes along whenever it wants to, and doesn't necessarily mean your old.
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I had my first grey hair at 29 so then I must be clever as well ha ha.  Don't let it bother you.  You can always color your hair.  I do
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No it does not mean you are old it can happen for a lot of reasons stress,pigmentation or lack of,family history.

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