What Hair Products Were Invented In The 1960's?


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With the rise of Sixties fashion and the liberation of young women who partied to music by the hippest beat combos or surf-pop groups, there was a great demand for hair products to enable women to be attractive to the opposite sex and stylish to their own eyes.
To this end, hairspray became a huge product, and by the middle of the decade topped the list of all beauty products, and innovations included Adorn and White Rain types of hairspray. (White Rain is the company that now owns Dippity-Do hairgel, which was popular in the 1960s and was used prior to the curling of hair.) Women would spray their hair heavily and then leave it untouched until it needed to be combed out and washed; however, the lacquer in the spray was so sticky that the floors of beauty salons and bathrooms became quite tacky.
The abundant use of hairspray ended in the late 1960s with changes in women's hairstyles and political outlook. Hippies who wore their hair straight had no need for sprays, and there were more pressing issues than a nice haircut, such as Vietnam and getting high. Curling irons, waving lotion and hair setting tape gained prominence to establish luscious curls.
Bonnet hairdryers were invented and were used to dry the permanent hairdos sported by women. In Britain, the Silky Curler Twink kit was a popular home perm kit, following the Toni and Lilt brands. Famous shampoos marketed heavily in the 1960s, though not invented in the decade, include Breck, Prell and Lustre Creme.

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