Does Short Hair Cuts Make You Look Shorter?


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Hi having hair cut has many styles : Long medium and short it depends on what people prefer as we are not the same taste so a new hair cut will make us change our look some are look lovely or serious so to have our hair cut it's important specially is for our style,it would make us look in different way, as you told " short hair cuts make you look shorter " ? But I don't think so, maybe it's your idea.
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It depends upon your look. Normally in short hair a person looks young. But in my suggestion you need to have shoulder length hair.
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A hairstyle is totally individual. Take it from a professional stylist. It is not a written rule that short hair will make one look shorter. Or older, or younger for that matter. It is all dependent on you and your "look". I have seen short hairstyles make a person look older and then make yet another person look younger. I do not think short hair ever makes a person look taller or shorter. In your case I would recommend trying hair as long as your mid-neck area or a bit shorter.
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Well it depends on how your face is structured then you will know
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Redwine, you are absolutely mistaken and misguided by this misconception of yours that short hair makes a person look and appear shorter. Instead, to be in touch with the reality as well as the trendy world, short hair these days are really in. Apart from that, short hair make a person way sexier, attractive, smart and dazzling to everyone! So be happy with your short hair. People would be admiring you twenty four-seven!

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