What Are Some Ways To Fix My Hair?


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The new season has brought a variety of cool hairstyles which can help you fix up your hair regardless of your style, and since long hairstyles offer a high amount of versatility as far as styling goes, don't hesitate to take advantage of your long locks and try the following trendy up-dos.

The ballerina bun has made a huge comeback and there are a variety of cute bun styles out there, enabling you to experiment and discover the best ones for you. From neat sleek buns that sit elegantly on the top of the head to cool twists of low buns that rest at the nape of the neck, creating a laid-back look, the 2011 up-dos will definitely be a perfect choice for the summer, as these stylish 'dos help keep the hair off your neck during the hot summer days. A few bobby pins, a hair elastic and a comb are all you need to create fabulous on-trend and easy to style looks.

Vintage hairstyles have made a huge comeback due to the arrival of the vintage fashion on the podiums, so if you're feeling a little daring, opt for trendy side rolls that end into a stylish bun, or create a classic and timeless faux-bobs, with the ends turned outwards, set into place with bobby pins.

Simplicity is definitely a popular concept whether you're talking fashion or hair, but that doesn't mean you always have to keep your hair loose. During the hot summer days up-styled hairstyles are the most comfortable, so combine comfort with simplicity and select one of the following two hair styles. Pull your hair into a simple ponytail and then bend the pony in half, securing the ends under the base of the body using bobby pins or best, a hair elastic.

Another great and easy way to style your hair is to create a messy up-do using bobby pins, so pull the hair back, twist it and secure it using bobby pins. Your hair doesn't have to be neat or sleek, the messier your hair, the more casual and stylish the effect, so create this look on the go, and you'll still look great.

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While it is wet put gel, mousse, then firm hold hair spray, (in that order) scrunch it with you hands, then blow dry it with your head upside down.....that gives you good volume.... Good luck!
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I'm always in a rush in the morning too and this is what I do when I shower at night.  I towel dry my hair and then put TRESemme's curl hydration lotion cream in (I use this because my hair is really frizzy, but a little moose would work too), comb it through.  Put your hair up like a ponytail at the crown of your head (but don't put the ponytail holder in yet).  Twist the hair tightly and make a bun (keeping it at the crown of your head).  Fasten with a ponytail holder.  It does not have to look perfect.  Sleep with your hair like this.  When you do your hair in the morning, let it fall down loosely.  DO NOT COMB!  Instead use your fingers to gently bring all your curls down to where they should be.  Put in a little more moose, spray (a little spray under the roots also helps keep the volume), and let it air dry.  This will give you that loose curl look that everyone has been wearing lately.

Sorry, it's really hard to explain, but once you get the hang of it it's so easy and takes almost no time at all.
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After I take a shower,I TOWEL-DRY my hair, not blow-dry. DO NOT leave hair sopping wet. Just some-what wet. Then squirt a little mousse into the palm of your hand. Rub it all over your head. Push up. Go to sleep. When I wake up my hair is some-what wet, but not really wet. I get the mousse and repeat. If my hair is not wet, I squirt detangle spray in to get it wet then, I use the mousse. After that, I pull my bangs up into a "poof". I don't know how old you are, but I'm 13 & people absolutely LOVE my hair. I get good comments every day. :)) I hope  this works 4 you. Try it out:)
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I usually always crimp my hair bc its really cute! But if you take a shower in the morning,,you can do this,,all you have to do is just as soon as you get out of the shower put your towel around your head then flip your hair a couple of times then get some mouse and put it in your hair and get pieces of your hair and grab it and squeeze it in your hand as hard as you can,,,then after that you get curling gel and crimp it even more,,then spray your hair with hair-spray,,then you flip your hair and if you have a straightener then straighten your bangs,,and then you have a good,,hot,,look(: Hope you like it try it out,,,I always get comments on how cute it looks on me!
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Use a lot of hairspray and gel...first you need to wash your hair then after you get done do not dry it except for just make it dry where its not dripping...and brush it and take the gel and put it in one of your hands and go to your hair and start scrunching it and the just keep doing that but don't scrunch your bangs, and after the gel part spray a lot of hairspray and scrunch some more...then take a small clip or bobby pin and take all your bangs and pull them back and make a little poof in the front and spray hairspray and wa la...you got a cute hair style! That's what I do like every morning!
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Try out some new hairstyles don't be afraid..tease it..or layer it..
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After you take your shower just braid your hair in four places using all of your hair then sleep and in the morning take it out and walla no gunk no spray and it stays in all day!!!
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Pig tails. I have always liked girls with them. Don't know why they call them pig tails, though...
also, you could try a multitude of tails. For instance, grab some ribbons or w/e and just surround your head in them.
Unless you can braid quickly, loose tails is your best bet, though you might have to experiment one night to find out what looks good.
But don't cut it. As a guy, I can verify that a lot of us are getting tired of the short hair thing that all girls seem to want to have these days. Whatever happened to feminine styles?anyway, there are my ideas.

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Well I have shoulder length hair and I curl mine a lot with a 1/2in curling iron

1.Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner
2. Pull your hair up leaving the bottom layer down curling that first
3. Hair spray is optional depending on how well your hair holds curl
4. Let down the next layer and curl it as well
5. See step 3
6. See step 4
7. When hair is completely curled shake it
8. Lightly spray with hair spray
9. If you are looking for a curled up do then pull up the desired amount of hair and Rock it!
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Curl it with a straigtener! First get about a one inch seection of hair then clamp your flat iron down on the strand, wrap the hair around the straigtener once. Turn the flat iron in one complete circle. Slowly pull the straightener away from your scalp. Repeat to cover your whole head. Spray with hairspay and your done!!! Hope this helps!
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It's called the twist bun.You have to braid and then twist it in a bun.And so on it's called The Twist Bun.
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If you don't have time to take a shower in the mornings, here is what I do...
I have layered hair. So I take the shortest layers and make it what I call a puffy. Then, just pull the rest in a ponytail. (in the center of the back of your head)..
Like this...

www.aaa-fashion.com hair doesnt look that perfect but, extremely close. And its super fast. Good luck!
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I have a lady friend with the same type hair, and no time. She uses a detangle spray from the dollar store. She washes and lightly blows her at night. In the morning she sprays her hair upside down while fluffing it. Very lightly. Throws her head back and uses a round brush and blower on low. Gives shape and shine. It's quick with less gunk.
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I have the same amount of time I just get moose and scrunch my hair with it and when I'm done I take scrunch spray and scrunch it and then take hair spray and spray it but before I take my bangs and pull it back.Now if you don't feel like messing with your hair I just put it up in a ponytail and put my all my bangs to my left side...?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!Sorry I love doing that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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I usually scrunch my hair, bc its naturally curly and I have pretty curls, but I just don't know what to do w. My bangs. I usually bumb them, but thats getting old. My bangs are just above my nose, and there too short to just let them be. Any suggestions will help.
Thanks, Love KaytieLynn, :D
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Kay. So, this is what I do. Wash/condition hair like usual, blah blah. [: & then towel dry it to were its not dripping, but still wet. If that thats sense, haha. Then, take some mousse [I use herbal essences mousse for curls/waves. It works REALLY good. No lie.] or gel, But, I use mousse, & it works fine. So, I'de suggest that. (: But, yeah. Take some mousse, put it in your hair. Scrunch your hair w/ a towel , because scrunching with your fingers makes frizz. & since I scrunched with a towel, its made A HUGE difference.
* this is optional. Blowdry your hair with a diffuser. The circular one with the lil' spikes at the end. Blowdry upside down. *

Then spray with hairspray, [:

Hope this works for you, because it did for me! :D
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Pig tails, pony tail, down, braid it, some up and some down, in a bun, strait,   messy, curly,   crazy
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Cool clips with messy buns or braids is cute . You  could try curls and highlights it looks awesome
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The nite before braid your hair in little pieces allover your head then in the morn take them out and comb and kaboom! Awesome hair

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