Why Girls, Why? Its So Ugly. Do You Know What Happens When You Get Older?


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G'day Devilsryne,

Thank you for your question.

I don't know. Possibly drink or drugs were to blame.

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Kinda makes me wanna puke but i guess they figure hey it's my body'if i wanna disfigure and pinch it full of holes, it's my buisness.whatever.
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I only have 4 piercings D; but they arent on my face. That looks horrible and painful ROFL .
Not all girls are like this :P
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Its a sign of the times unfortunately & is for the most part very unattractive. It does scar & makes it next to impossible to find employment as well. A lot of teens do that now to fit in i guess but i'm glad my teen is strong willed & confident enough to just say no. At least to face piercings.
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Mark Brookshire
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It seems that every girl at Stickam.com is doing this crazy act. Someone should put a stop to it. I guess if one girl jumps off a cliff, they all will follow.
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I got my nose pierced, but just a stud... I get what you mean, some of those piercings leave hugs scars and the heavy jewelry dang what are they wanting gravity to happen early yikes. At least if i decide against my nose stud there wont be much if any mark left behind
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I agree that this is quite over the top, I have 8 piercings 3 in each ear, my nose (small stud) and my belly button. I think the ones i have are as far as i would go, i dont like a tone of facial piercings. Nipple piercings are hot on some guys, one not both. I also have a tattoo, I think as long as the tattoo is in good taste and has meaning to the person they it is sexy but if they just got something stupid to try and be cool then its ugly.
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Nose, lips and eyelid are fine by me.... It's the four on the cheeks that make me a little puzzled.
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It's ok to have your ears pierced and maybe your belly button or like your lip or nose pierced (if you really like piercings lol)  but that's just creepy! Most girls aren't like that though. Why would anyone want piercings all over their face?
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Hey I'm a girl but i don't even have pierced anything because i don;'t want my skin to hurt and have holes like punching holes in a paper it's just wrong.
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I have this philosophy that the more "extra peircings on the face the more peircings in those two places, which if I may say so is quite disturbing because those are probably the two worst places to peirce
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Mark Brookshire
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Its kinda a big turn-off for me to see pierces. In the ears is ok, but the face, tongue, belly, other body parts. No thanks. Tattoos are another problem with me. Its just gross.
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Ewww tht is disgusting.....but not all girls r like tht..the only place i have pierced other than my ears is my belly button!!!! I am not gonna have holes all over my face! Not cool
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Lol i no it nasty i am soo happy i dont have it!! I only have it in my ear the palace it is supposed to be
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That's a little scary but one time I saw a man with his NECK pierced and he had 3 bright coloured (green, orange and red) bits of plastic through his neck! Ewwww. I only have my ears pierced once.

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