Should i let my son grow his hair long? He is 15 and straight. What are some styles for sports and formal events. Should I let him do this?


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I would say there's no harm in letting him grow his hair long.

Preventing him from doing what he wants with his own hair is only going to make him want to do it more. Eventually, he'll be able to make his own choices anyway, and the more he's been held back from expressing himself as a teenager, the more he'll rebel when he gets a bit of independence.

Trust me, I know.

I had a mohawk for a short while when I was around 15, and my mom also didn't approve.

In the end, she pressured me to shave it off, so I looked like Billy Corgan till my hair grew back.

Anyway, as soon as I left home I experimented with some really "out there" hairstyles...

I ended up getting my hair 'styled' by the two individuals in the picture below.

Is that what you want for your son?

Now I've kinda grown out of the whole thing, but it was a phase I felt I had to go through one way or another, in part because of my upbringing.

If you get too protective over your son's hair, the same will happen to him... Or worse!

Just keep it in perspective. It's not a face tattoo or something permanent, and long hair on guys isn't as uncommon as it might have been before...

Just look at Jared Leto for example!

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Oh let him grow his hair long! Truthfully, these days if that's all he's wanting to do...then you've got a great kid! Let it grow! Rock on \_/

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I am 13, and I know I would be mad if my mom wouldn't let me grow my hair out. But I'm not a boy... If he wants to grow it out, then just let him. 

Eventually he will not like it anymore and he will want to do something else with it. Maybe he wants it long cause a girl he likes likes boys with long hair or something..

 Boys in my school are like that. They will do anything, even if they have to change themselves, to get a girl they like to like him back. Ask him why he wants it long. There is probably some type of reason.

How long does he want it to be? Like, theres a difference if it is just kinda shaggy, near his eyes, and if he wants it to go down to his waist. 

It might just be a phase though.

If you need any more help, just let me know! Since I'm a teen, I have a mind like his, so I can help you out better than most adults on here..:)

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Yes, let him do it, he's 15 and it's no wrong if he wants to do this :)

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Yes, please let him grow his hair because if it will suits his personality then it will be good. If it will not suit him then he will surely cut his long hair himself only. Just try to give him a single chance.

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