I Cut My Hair Kinda Short And It Won't Grow Anymore, Why?


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Janelle Lowrance Profile
I have has this problem and I bought Oil of Olay vitamins at the drug store. It grew my hair and my nails. Also, when you wash your hair, treat it gently and squish it like a sponge. It makes it thicker if you squish the shampoo, conditioner in it as if it were a sponge. Comb carefully without pulling and snagging.I put 2 types of detangler on my hair before I comb it at all when it's wet. Hope this helps. Not an overnight cure, but it does work.
Ronnie Maye Profile
Ronnie Maye answered
Not to worry, some peoples hair grows faster than others. It will grow back out in time. Just keep it neat for now and in a few weeks you will see it has started to grow and soon you can cut it again.
Alyssa Lundberg Profile
Alyssa Lundberg answered
TEEN girl vitamins (even if your an adult), & Omega 3 oil capsules. Those bad boy's were my lifesavers when I cut my hair short.
Sarah Profile
Sarah answered
Tht okay it just you havent give your hair enough time for it to grow give it some time

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