Can People With Curly Hair Get Dreadlocks?


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Yes, I think so,in fact I think curly hair is the perfect hair to get dreadlocks.
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You can still do dreads, curly hair is what kind of difference?  The only thing you have to watch out for is the perm, it might have made your hair a little more breakable.  But with dreads, you don't comb it or anything anyway, so you should be ok.  Just don't twist too hard.
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Yes, you get dreadlocks with curly hair but it will take a while be for they lock up.
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Yes anyone that is human and has enough hair on their head can have dreadlocks, and yes even Asians.
I cut mine off a while back because of a girlfriend at the time thought I could find a higher paying job without them big mistake the jobs that wanted me really wanted me for my counter-culture look. I wake up everyday wondering who is staring back at me thru my mirror but I've grow my hair back out and kept my old lock and I'm going to have them weaved back in to help my hair look more normal as the six to 12 month locking process happens
it take just as long for white to lock their hair as it does blacks, ethnicity isn't an issue believe it or not.
Good luck use a soap called dr. Bonners castile soap it doesn't strip your hairs natural oils and cleans your hair and smells great all natural and good for every thing.. Condition you dreds every so softer with only the purest of bees wax not that vasoline stuff you want the bees wax you have to scratch up with a finger nail and that's hard " Knotty Boy" is a very good one from Vancouver, Bc best I've found on the market.. Most dreds do not give any of their dreadful secrets away like I have done they let other go thru trial and errors like we all have in the beginning. I when to an ethnic salon and since I was a white boy they charged me $100 and when I left I found out that they had only put my hair in rows of twists and then dumped super glue all over them, next week I came back and the place had moved . Took me months to get the glue out and fix my hair. Best of luck to you mate!
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Yes people with curly hair are able to have dreads.
If you are a person with African American textured curly hair (semi-coarse), it might be easier. If you hair is curly, but very fine (Caucasian curly) you will have to maintained it (twist it) more often. Why? It often come loose on its own. You can use bees wax or a setting spray to assist the process.

The key to having clean (as in neatly arranged), is maintaining the style every day, to every other day.

Wrapping it up at night with a cap or stocking. And lifting it in the am with your fingers. Oiling it, but not too much, and keeping it clean of lint.

Do not comb it out, unless want to begin the process again and again.

Some people prefer the "mop head" style, which is neck length, and can be re-twisted and tightened often.

You do not have to open up each dread to twist it, just continue to twist each piece as you see them getting loose and away from the scalp.

Using a black comb with the long thin tail, is what everyone I know starts off with. A light spray, even a half hour under the dryer after each was is a great way to keep it tight.
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Yes, I have a curly perm, one snowy day I went around with a wool stocking cap all day, I kept pushing it down over my ears, the combination of the humidity , friction, and activity, I had dreadlocks at the end of the day, took me hours to comb it out.
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sylvester wilson
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There is a difference between matted hair and dread locks. I think your hair became slightly matted, not dread locked.
dread locks are just that...LOCKED! into place, which is a twisted neat individual state, not clumped.
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Well you can have dreadlocks on curly hair. All you have to do is make certain that you back comb sections of hair that are small at a time to avoid loops. As far as straight hair is concerned your dreads will not be as smooth but might b having S shapes which will add style. On the other hand it will go away once the dreads are locked up.
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Yes you can get dreads with curly hair how I know is cause I have some. I started from box braids an let it grow it started locking eventually
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I'm black, with a natural head full of frizzy curls. Have been told before that I couldnt lock it naturally, so I did sistalocks, a method using a small crochet like hook. They cost me $375 and were really tiny, almost as small as some of the microbraids I've worn. Good estimate? In a 1in square of scalp, I may have had 4 locks... Since they were small and I started them without cutting my frizzy (shoulder length) curls off, they curled at the ends, which drove me almost crazy since I wanted to be like everyone else and have dreads that looked like DREADS. So I wore them for about a 6-8 months and had an episode which ended in me going to a salon and having them cut out. I ended up with about 2inches of hair left over after the cut and comb out. We cut that to shape it and I walked out the salon with about a 1 in afro. I wore my hair natural (no chemical) for a couple of years, cutting at will (partial to scissors). Nov of 08 had me making changes, and I relaxed my hair and got a layered shoulder length cut.

I always get a lot of compliments on my hair when it's, cut, relaxed and styled. My hair can morph into whatever texture you make it. The compliments did something to me. Let me explain ( I know most reading this have european hair - that's exactly why I posted. Let me help you learn something). When you see me and my hair is in it's natural state, I don't need a compliment. I feel good when I make myself attractive using what HE gave me to work with. There are a lot of folks (and I mean black) who don't feel as if you're assimilating if your hair isn't bone straight. Well, he didn't give me bone straight hair, so why work so hard to maintain what is distinctly foreign? My hair is semi-curly. Semi because it's 2 diff tetures. Pretty silky curls in the back half with thick textured curls at the front. This usually causes a prob with hairstyles that need one texture. Reason why ive always had hands in my head. Had to.

Okay, lets go. Long story short, I got tired of compliments on my hair when I felt like myhair was the fakest thing about me. Didn't make me feel good to compliment somethng that wasn't really me. I wore the relaxer until the first of the year 2009 (like 2-3 months). Then one day I had yet another episode and started parting my hair and backcombing. Remember the sistalocks I had with 4 locks to the inch? Well these locks are about 1 lock to the inch, and I'm using a hook. I did them that big because I'm plotting on length, and long thin locks are weak. I'm attracted to well kept, thicker locked hair.

Anyway, Did it, and tried for a while to keep the hair tied down so that it'll mat up (relaxer wasn't helping). Was looking oh so crazy with these stringy locks that were stringy because I insisted on twisting them to try and make them look like someone elses. Then recently. I was a little depressed. Got in the shower and didn't bother to cover my hair (which I do to keep it dry. They say wet your new locks and they come loose -blahhh). I got out the shower, and my hair wasn't wet, but the mist had gotten to it. Locks were puffy. I went to sleep ANYWAY, w/out covering them. I woke up and had a head full of curly locks! I twisted and got them under control, but from then on, anytime I came anywhere near water, my natural texture popped up. Of course, I'm silly, so this distressed me. I've been all over the place looking for ways (I don't use product on my hair) to make my hair look like everyone elses.

I've just learned, within the past 30 minute, that I love my hair. I didn't get a chance to twist the other day, so I went out with the curly mess. Got nice conversation about my hair, felt good because it's al MEEEEE! Mind you, it's still locked, just with curls on the end. It' neat, because I use a hook, but the ends are matted/curly/frizzy. Hard to eplain. Like a lock frozen with curls in it.  The more I look, the more I see that my hair is absolutely beautiful (0:. JUST FIGURED THAT ONE OUT!!! My hair grows so very fast, so eventually, I'll have a head full of beautiful locks that look like noone elses...Isn't it good what God does? I AM LIKE NOONE ELSE, SO OF COURSE MY HAIR SHOULD BEHAVE ACCORDING. My hair grows about an inch, if not more, a month. Thats about a foot a year (measured, documented in another bored azz So in about a year or two, I'll have the prettiest head of hair ever. A la Lisa Bonet cira Cosby Show, with more texture/curls... Love it! (Now, y'all helped). I found this site while looking for a way to straighten my curly locks out. God is good and always finds a way to make me love myself just THAT much more. I think I'll leave my hair as it is and let it do it's thing... Kisses. Nik
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Oh my goodness you and i have the same type hair well my hair is black and grey thinning and curly i have no chemicals in my hair.i have been twisting my hair and of course trying to lock my hair is so hard to lock but like you i thank God for what im blessed with.Stay you always girl.
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I have been locking my hair for the past few months. & I too wanted my locks to look like everyone else, but with our hair I don't think that is possible. Your entry inspired me to embrace the look of my locks & do away with keeping them covered up from the world, via wigs & scarves. I am also very interested in this crochet needle deal...
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If you don't brush it, or wash your hair, you can get dreadlocks.
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Dreadlocks need to be washed they don't need to be twisted do not use wax wax is one of the biggest mistakes you can make short of trusting a salon to give you great dreads also sites like knotrtyboy and dreadheadhq that sell dreadkits sreadwaxes and shortcut techniques are all scams they give the appearance of instant results but cause long term problems wax causes buildip that traps dirt and moisture and resulys in mold
daily twisting can result in twisting your dreads right iff

dreads take time thats all
curly hair dreads faster so does dry you rhair clean hair dreads faster then dirty
wax prevents movement which will keep dreads from really progressing
you do not need to all but if you choose to onlu backcomb once
wool hats help dreads lock up faster

you need nothing special to dread although dr bronners is recomended because it leaces no residues (wax is all residue)
u shouldnt condition locks iunless they really need it and then apply cidar vinagar dulited works great
aloew gell works far far better then wax and rfinces right out
a dip in the ocean or a sea saly sprits is the only lock accelerator u need
dreads should nbebver be bought you grow them you earn them you dont buy them and they set you free from relying on salonbs so wby would u ever trust a salon to give u fgood dreads
salon dreads are the biggest and most costlu mistake you can make
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