Why Does My Hair Not Grow Any More?


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Yes, their could be a scientific reason, it might be possible that you are having some changes in your body function, or having lack of calcium, vitamin etc. Consult hair specialist and have lots of milk, egg, fruits and healthy diet. Hope this helps.
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Your hair is tired.  A century is a long time to do anything and
your hair probably needs a little break.  Try not to worry too
much or be anxious about it as this will only annoy your hair
further.  Be patient and your hair will eventually be back on the

You might also take comfort from the old wives' tale that hair
continues to grow after death, so if you kick off before your hair's
vacation is over, at least you'll be fuzzy for the viewing.
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Your hair is rejecting you for all the years you have cut, combed, brushed, yanked, and pulled on it!  It is finally saying; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OLD MAN!  So I would suggest going downtown to "Curley's Clip Joint" and buy a "piece", you know, one of those rug looking things to cover up your bald head when it gets cold.  And knowing where you live, it won't be too much longer and it will be snowing.....
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I agree with Sanavid, but would like to add that (I don't know your specific situation but) everyone's hair does have a length that it will stop growing at. For me, it's at the bottom of my shoulder blades. It varies by person, and can be quite annoying if you're trying to grow it out. There are ways around this issue, though.

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