What Is The Effect Of Jasmine Oil On Hair?


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Oil, irrespective of which one it is, will always have positive effects upon the individual's hair and skin, both. One of the most popular hair oil used all over the world is the Jasmine oil.

However, even in this age of technological advancement, there are people who are unaware of the benefits of the jasmine oil and as a result ponder here and there asking the question about the effectiveness of Jasmine Oil on hair?

Jasmine oil is used all over the world to cure the problem of dry or sore skin. When used in hair, this oil tends to help remove the dry and itchy scalp problem that people all over the world are always complaining about. Furthermore, this oil also has the power to act as a germ-killing agent and hence also helps in curing of many infections. 

The Jasmine oil has been popular all over the world especially in the Indian region. Over there, it is used for body and head message as it not only helps in improving the individual's skin but is also used to provide the individuals with a soothing and a relaxing feeling.

For this reason, many experts also classify it as an anti-depressant. The Jasmine oil has an extremely pleasant scent, which helps in enhancing the effect of this oil.

Many consider this oil as the reason behind elongated, thick and stunning hair as this hair oil provides the users with a protective covering and makes the hair look glossy. The use of jasmine oil for hair treatment has been more popular amongst females.  

However, as everything has its good and a bad side, so does the jasmine oil. Therefore, many experts advise people to use this oil with caution and in appropriate quantities.

Many experts advice people to use this category of oil in combination with other oils such as the almond oil, jojoba oil and many others.

Furthermore, this oil has to be used no more than 1-2 teaspoon and left for an hour. If applied inappropriately, it can lead to irritation. For more information click on the following link :

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Jasmine oil is most often used to cure dry or sore skin. As such, if you use it on your hair it can also provide some relief for people with dry, itchy scalp. According to some, Jasmine oil can also help heal skin infections as it can function as an antiseptic agent. Some forms of Indian head massage will also use Jasmine oil on the scalp, not only for its affects on the skin, but also because its scent is believed to have a soothing effect and will relax the nervous system.

Jasmine oil has a long history and ancient civilizations first discovered its positive effects on people. The ancient Egyptians, for example, used it as a cure against headaches and insomnia, while the Chinese used the scent of Jasmine to clean the air in rooms that housed sick people. Some people also believe that Jasmine is both a natural aphrodisiac and and an anti-depressant.
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Do jasmin oil make my hair grow thicker?
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Will jasmine oil, make my hair silky if I massage the oil on   my scalp to the ends of my hair 3 times a week Like I read in some beauty secrets
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Oils would tend to moisturize rather than dry out your scalp. It's not advisable to apply anything in a way other than it is recommended in the instructions. Dandruff is caused by a flakey or dry scalp. This can be a particular problem in the winter time, when there is less natural moisture in the air. It may cause your scalp to feel itchy. A great number of people experience this problem. That is why there are special shampoos and conditioners on the market that moisturize and cleanse the scalp. Usually, they are quite effective. Regular use should give you results. After you feel that your dandruff is under control, you can go back to a regular shampoo. If the problem flairs up, switch back to your dandruff shampoo. Brushing out your hair well can also help to get rid of flakes. A specially formulated hot oil treatment can be good for moisturizing hair. Follow all safety precautions because oil can get dangerously hot very fast.
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Actually oil does not cause dandruff. If you can stay inside home (in a holiday) you can oil your head to cool it down (on a hot day). If you go out with a lot of oil on your head (hair) it tends to catch dust and dirt, and stick it on your scalp. Then this tends to be a little stickey. Actually the dust and dirt makes the dandruff. If you are going out and it is dusty or windy outside, don't use much oil. If you don't oil at all and your head is so dry it is also another reason to get dandruff. Sometimes dandruff can occur as a result of inner heat. Drink more water and juices.
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Never heard about this treatment. 

Anyways, Christopher Adam that's a good review about jasmine oil. Also coconut oil is really the best ever for treating dandruff and also Lemon juice.

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