My Hair Is Breaking After I Put In A Semi-permanent Dye. It's Not Dry But It Breaks Off, What Can I Do?


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Hi, the advice Aicha gave was very good. Also, I would not leave in those so called leave in conditioners they usually cause me more hair breakage. Since, your hair has been damaged some conditioners maybe too strong for your hair. Also, use products that are for processed hair, there are special shampoos and conditioners. Try washing your hair with clean filtered water. I sell a filtered shower head which produces clean water. Also, you need to work from the inside of your body with some good all natural nutrition which will increase healthy hair growth. Please take a look at my web site. Take care!
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Well, the dye might not just be the only problem with your hair. Although using a substandard dye often causes such problems but you need to be careful about certain other issues as well. First of all, it seems that your hair did not accept the dye very well. So oil your hair frequently, this will negate the effect of the dye. As an overall measure, try drinking as much water as you can, increase the amount of proteins in your food. Or you can go for hair supplements like HairVit which are good for hair. This would help in getting your hair in a better condition.
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My hair has turned green . I put in a semi permanent color in my hair . What can I do . My hair is gray and dark brown. The color I put in was dark brown.
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Well I will deep condition my hair don't shampoo a lot and shampoo only 2 times a week and don't flat iron or cur heat protection lotion or spray the heat will damage your hair and also your green tea lotion and and I use pink hair lotion it works pretty well and my hair break off too and I got a semi permanet hair dye too my hair was breaking off at first but not anymore :D hope it works for you and also I wouldnt put heat to my hair till about a month till you hair recovers GOOD LUCK and also check out this video from youtube :D SHANEDAWSON THE DUDE WHO HAS THE DAUGHTER XD HES FUNNY! His youtube is shanesawsontv! 

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