Do You Think That Black Hair Looks Good With Very Light Skin?


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I do think so, but if you are planning to color your hair, I would go with a dark brown color, because black hair dye can look very fake.
 Dark brown color, actually looks black, but much more natural and if you are going to color it yourself, I recommend that you do not use Nice and Easy, because it has a metallic base and coats the hair. Thus, leaving it very dull, dry and brittle after a few applications.
 Also, if you color, when your hair needs a retouch, just do the new growth, then apply to the previously colored hair for only around 5 -7 minutes to freshen it. You don't want to over process your hair.
The first 15 minutes of color processing is lift. Once you have colored your hair the first time, and you retouch after a few weeks, there will still be some color left in your hair if you used a permanent hair color.
  Color will not lift color, so you will just end up damaging your hair if you apply the color to previously treated hair for the total amount of processing time.
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I think if it's natural it's pretty.....but I don't like the Goth look with the fake black hair dye.  It tends to make you look washed out and sickly
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Thank you!! I agree about the Goth look looking sickly, I don't like that either
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Yes..I myself am light skin with jet black hair and I guys tell me all thee time how beautiful I am and that  they love my dark features and not to mention I have gorgeous freckles sooo I say YESSSS GO WITH BLACK HAIR YOU'LL STAND OUT.!!!!
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No, it doesn't, especially if the hair looks dyed. It makes the skin look like the undead, and makes you look very odd. Kind of something that goth people like to look like. Hope this helps.

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