Can I Dye My Hair Why Its Greasy?


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Yes you can I did it sticks better and your going to wash it after its died so whatever if you cba then don't its not going to kill you lol gd luck with it I did mine when it was greasy have fun
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I don't know why your hair is greasy but you cannot die your hair while it is greasy. Water and oil don't mix.
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No, the grease will repel the dye. That's why they always wash your hair at the salon before applying any colour.
No. It would be best to wash the hair completely and ensuring that all other chemicals that is causing the hair to be greasy are removed. Give your hair a thorough washing first and even a second time. If the greasiness remains it's suggested that you seek a licensed beautician and/or cosmotologist to treat your hair from all chemicals and imbalances first before applying another dye product or treatment to the existing hair and its condition.

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