My Hair Dries Like Straw After I Get Out If This Highly Chlorinated Pool. It's Brittle, Even After I Take A Shower. I've Taken What My Hairdresser Prescribed, But It Was A Bust. What Do I Do?


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Hair dressers usually get commission off of anything they sell, so they will tell you anything. Try some serious deep conditioning. Leave a good quality conditioner on your hair with moisture and repair ability. Leave it on for about an hour 4-5 times a week. Leave it on a little longer while your in the shower to. Also  put a leave in conditioner on your hair when ever your not treating it. Wearing a swimming cap in the pool may look silly but, it will save your hair from sooooo much damage.
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Thank you so much. I'll try it!!!
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It worked last night!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used wen intensive hair treatment after I used Dove hydrating conditioner with my Malibu 2000. The wen intensive hair tresatment is so intense, they only wnat you to do it once every 6 weeks! Ha!!

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