How Do I Highlight My Grey Hair Without Coloring It?


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I'm a licensed hairstylist and unfortunately, the only way to highlight your hair is thru coloring/bleaching it. They do have on the market wild colors teenages use that are temporary and will wash out. They also have what we call a temp color, semi-color and demi-color but none of these will lighten your hair, they'll only darken what you already have. If you want to just accentuate your grey, I suggest using a temporary RINSE. This is something you use after you shampoo your hair and you apply it to your wet hair then BLOT and style as normal. However, this WILL wash out on your next shampoo. I suggest you go to your local beauty supply place and tell them to suggest for you a temporary RINSE that would accentuate your grey but there is nothing temporary that will color/hide your grey; you would have to look at a permanent color for that. Hope this helps, good luck!
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You can buy shampoos you can use two or three times a week you get the nearest to your natural colour they add shine a tint and glossiness you can find them in most supermarkets
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I don't know any process that will highlight gray without chemicals. What I did, since I don't have a lot of gray, is get what they call 'tips'. I got caramel blond tips in my brown hair. That highlighted my light shiny hair, and I got lots of compliments on it.
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There is a liquid solution in the men's hair care isle, that hides grey hair gradually after 2-3 weeks of regular use. Forgot the name of it! Lol
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Sr. Citizen have complete gray hair  but like for the gray to looker darker ,is really light. Is there a product for this?

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