My husband keeps putting white paint in my hair! Its making me look older than I m! I'm only 29! Not a bad age after 36 yrs. Ha What should I do?


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My first thought is sweet. He will/does love you "older" and no matter what. 😊

My second thought is fun. He is having fun with you. Kind of like a silly teenage boy again. Maybe he is wanting to be playful. 😆

My third thought is sentimental. He is wanting to be "twinsies" with you. Awe!!! 😄

My fourth thought is he's being ornery. Kind of like trying to get attention whether it's good attention or negative attention. 🙃

My fifth thought is he's being mean. 😕

Either way, my suggestion is to talk to him about. If it bothers you let him know. He may not know. If it's something where he says he's being playful tell him something he can play with you about. It might be something more deeper for him then you realize such as maybe he saw his grandpa do this with his grandma and he adored their relationship. Talk to him my friend. ☺

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