How Long Do U Wait To Dye Ur Hair After A Relaxer?


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Generally, you should should wait no longer than ten days to dye your hair after using a relaxer to get the most benefits from a  colour treatment, provided that your hair is in good condition.  Some hairdressers advise waiting two weeks to avoid hair damage, particularly when using a permanent color, whilst others say that using a semi-permanent dye or protein-based hair glaze on the same day can actually improve the shine and condition of hair and make the color last longer. 

The theory goes that hair relaxers open up the hair cuticle, allowing color to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft for a longer-lasting result. However, both hair relaxants and colors are fairly harsh chemical treatments, both of which can dry out and/or damage the hair, so it is always a good idea to keep hair in good condition with regular treatments and avoiding the overuse of heated tongs, straighteners and blow-dryers.

Hair that is regularly relaxed and/or colored may be more prone to drying, splitting and even falling out than hair which has never undergone a chemical treatment or been regularly given deep-conditioning treatments, so it is probably best to wait for longer, rather than shorter periods in between relaxing and dying hair if it is done regularly. 

Furthermore, different chemicals are used in different types of relaxers and dyes, which can result in unforeseen problems if used in combination.  It is therefore advisable to seek out the advice of a qualified hairdresser or colorist who can assess the condition of hair and offer guidance on which products combine better and how much time to leave between applications.

Overall though, the general rule of thumb is that one should relax the hair before coloring it because perm lotion will just leech out the color otherwise.

It is also always a good idea to perform an allergy test before using a new hair coloring product, especially home-dyeing kits, as allergic reactions are possible.  In all cases, it is also advisable to follow the instructions of the manufacturer closely so as to avoid unwanted results or problems that only a hair salon can rectify.
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Two weeks, don't make the same mistake I did, I read on the box I could dye my hair after relaxing it and it would be okay, it's a lie, my hair came out, and I had also listened to a family member and they were not right. I was looking for a rinse instead of a dye, I went to a salon and I had my hair relaxed and she used a rinse to only highlight my gray hair didn't come out, so if I want it done right I will be going to a salon next time, better safe then sorry.
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About 3 or 4 days. Nothing will really happen to your hair. If you feel youre hair is strong enough you should do it. If you have really really weak and thin hair, it will probably be best to wait a week.
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I dyed my hair almost 2 weeks ago. My hair is healthy and strong. Going to perm it in the morning...will let you all know how that goes shortly
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I would wait a week. May be longer if your dying it blonde.
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Maybe its half a year for you to wait for dyeing your hair because if you try to dye it right away after you straightened your hair, It might cause your hair damaged. I experienced this! My hair got damage when i dyed my hair after hair straightened. Your hair should rest also after straightening. Hope this advice can help!

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If you have applied a chemical relaxer to your hair, recommend you do not color it.
  Most relaxers are very caustic and change the chemical make up of your hair. Applying color on top of relaxed hair can cause a chemical reaction to the hair and cause it to totally break down, leaving you with a bald scalp.
Best to see a professional stylist who is experienced in relaxers. Be prepared to tell them what type of relaxer you used.
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I heard 2 weeks too. I just relaxed my roots 2 days ago, I got my hair highlighted 2 months ago and now I want to cover it with a dark color tonight. Should I do it?

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