My Hair Is Always Dry And Frizzy, I Tried Eveything! I Wash It Everynight. What Should I Do?


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Don't wash your hair every night. You are drying your hair out more.
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Unfortunately, when you wash your hair every night you are washing out a lot of the oils that your hair needs. Could you possibly go with every other day? Also, there are many moisturizing shampoos on the market and you could try one of those
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judystine is right , you are washing your hair too much , leave some natural oils in there . And try not to rinse out all of your conditioner until it's squeaky , leave a little in there ok. Should help i hope.
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Drink a lot of juices they help. Sunflowers seeds or any kind of nuts.avoid sodas and sugar drinks. And try to avoid heat,if you straighten your hair like I do give your hair a rest on days your not going out. Trust me it helps so much when I don't straighten my hair on days I don't leave my house.
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Buy a good shampoo never buy any from wal-mart it really makes a difference to buy good shampoo and con. I used to not think so but it is like night and day. I also find that if I put cond. On my hair while it is dry is absorbs it and isn't so frizzy, so I cond leave a few get in, the shower shampoo, then cond. Again. Do it in the morning. Now this is the second key that makes a huge difference, use a hair dryer that has neg. Ions and blow dry form scalp down to end in that direction while using your fingers. Then apply a smoothing proct. But not too much.
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Use an after conditioner wash with shampoo and conditioner preferably moisterizing then look for an additional conditioner find it in walmart
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You should try the Body Shop's shampoos and conditioners they are so good I only wash my hair once a week and it never ever becomes dry and frizzy.

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