How Much Does Your Hair Grow Every 3 Months?


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There are three phases of hair growth all occurring simultaneously in different strands.  These phases are defined as, anagen, catagen and telogen.  The length of hair growth phases can differ widely among individual persons. It can also vary dependent upon the type of hair and location on the body. In head hair, a normal anagen phase can last anywhere from two to six years, catagen lasts one to two weeks, and telogen lasts five to six weeks. An average head hair grows about 6 inches a year during its anagen phase, meaning head hair grows at an average rate of 1.5 inches in a 3 month period. 

The duration of the anagen phase limits the max length of your hair. The rate at which the hair grows is another determining factor in hair length.  An abnormally short anagen phase can account for the difficulty some have growing hair with any real length.

There are common misconceptions in hair loss, for example; Male pattern baldness is caused when male hormones are affected by genetic predisposition, and is not related to hair or scalp health. Certain hair creams have been shown to reduce hair loss in some men when they actively counteract those hormones at the scalp but the remedies that claim to reverse and reduce hair loss by delivering vitamins and moisturizer to the scalp are ineffective.

You can assist the process by feeding your body the nutrients it needs to produce healthy hair and nails.  A balanced diet, good nutrition and specific supplements will maximize your body’s chances of maintaining healthy hair and nails.  Jell-O or any form of gelatin is good for your hair and nail.  Carotenes and other supplements are specifically designed to promote hair health.  Massaging the scalp, brushing your hair and other tricks work to stimulate the hair follicles and promote healthy blood flow to that area.  These are also said to speed hair growth but I prefer to think of it as promoting the best environment for natural growth.
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As people say it grows 1/2 inch a month so it will actually grow 2 inches in three months
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Your hair grows bout 1/2 inches a month.
If you take care of your hair it will grow longer!
In three months your hair will probably grow
3 to 6 inches ;)

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