How Do You Get Rid Of Red In Hair Colour?


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Diane Corbin answered
Look for hair colors with the word "Ash" instead of "Auburn". Auburn colors contain the red color you are wanting to avoid. Good luck
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Muddassar Memon answered
Well the simplest way to get rid of the colour red or any other colour is by re-colouring it with the original colour of your hair like for example if your hair colour was naturally black try dyeing your hair with the colour back.

Hair colour basically is the outcome of pigmentation owing to the existence of the chemical of melanin and paheomelanin. Human beings have numerous differences in hair colour as well as hair texture. Normally, more the melanin, the darker the hair colour will be, the more phaeomelanin, the lighter it will be.

Often the hair colour of children and adults range anywhere between pale yellow to deep black, and the cultural division of hair colour has traditionally differed on the basis of geographic regions.

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