What Home Remedies Can You Do To Make Your Hair Grow Faster?


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Olive oil heat it in the microwave till it is at a warm het not hot but mild then rub it on to your scalp massage it in for 5 to ten minutes and then wrap a towel around your head and leave on for one hour!! This really does work I tried it for 2 months oncea week so far and my hair has grown!!
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There's nothing healthy you can use to make your hair go from curly to straight unless you get a relaxer...but to get longer hair you can use a moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner...deep
condition once every healthy foods...get the right
amounts  of exercise...drink plenty of water.....and also try
essential oils for growth as well  :)
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Basically the natural ingredients can always be good for your hair. I believe that if you take care of you diet then you will surely get healthy hair and nails. For this I suggest that you should take one glass of milk and egg daily because both of these products can provide you proteins.

Home remedies can be applied with respect to the nature of your hair and for this I will suggest you a good website. Moreover, for all types of hair, a paste of yogurt and egg yolk can be applied for shinny and strong hair. Then wash the hair with cold water. Another tip is to massage oil (prefer olive oil) in your hair at least two hours before taking bath.

You have also asked the way to straighten your hair or make them wavy. Well! There are various ways through which you can do that like rebounding. But your hair can lose their natural look after getting some artificial treatment. Therefore, it is better to make your hair strong and healthy and go for occasional straightening and wavy look.

Home remedies

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Wash in cold ice water and let it sit for 5 minutes. Also, get your regular conditioner and leave it in their for atleast 20 minutes, it restores your hair. Wrap it in a warm towel. This makes it healthy and strong. LESS BREAKAGE :)
I have left it in my hair for 8 hours, amazing difference. The LONGER, THE BETTER!
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Apply egg yolk after the hair cut and
clean after 3 hours during bath.

Apply coconut oil on your head.

Don't try other hair conditioners
available in the market.

If you apply coconut oil, your hair
will be as graceful as mostly
found in Tamil Nadu & Kerala.

The oil should be used to get
absorved first through the scalp
and take bath after 1 hour of application.
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Put Lemon && orange in a bowl of ice leave for 15 minutes rub into scalp

It works a treat :)

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