My Skin Became Tanned Even Though I Apply Sun Screen Lotion Every Time I Go Under The Sun. Can You Tell Me Of Any Home Remedy For Tan Removal Which Can Show Results In A Short Time?


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There are a number of home remedies that are available for taking care of sunburns. The thing about home remedies is that not all of these may work for each of us. Besides, some of these remedies would only take care of reducing or negating the itchiness and reddening of the skin. There are, of course, some remedies that will remove the tan itself, along with removing the reddening and the itching sensation that characterize sunburn. If you want to remove the tan, try placing cold tea bags in the affected area. This usually takes care of the sunburn entirely.

Another good remedy is to apply mustard oil on the affected area. If you apply the oil and leave it as is for a while, the tan vanishes. The mustard oil also negates the heat, which makes the itching sensation go away as well. If your skin has reddened extensively due to sunburn, try placing raw potato or cucumber slices on the affected areas; they will help minimize the inflammation. Another home remedy that is very effective against sunburn is sandalwood paste. Sandalwood paste has a very soothing effect on the skin, and will help soothe the affected area. If you have sunburns on your face, apply a facial made out of wheat flour, milk, and olive oil. Another alternative is to use the flour of barley, mixed with honey and egg white.

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