How Can I Avoid Tanning Of My Skin?


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Will Martin answered
Now it's starting to be fashionable not to have a suntan again -and we know more about the health risks of too much sun -this question is being asked again.

Basically, the only thing that really burns your skin is sun - the hotter the sun, the more you burn - and sun and wind combined is even worse. So the first thing is to try and avoid the midday sun (they usually say 11 am to 3pm, but up till 4pm may be more accurate). If you are out in the sun a lot but don't want to tan, you should wear a strong sun block - above Factor 25, and in fact if you have skin problems relating to too much sun, Factor 40 might be more suitable.

Women in the past used to wear floppy hats and loose clothing to keep the sun off them. That might not look too attractive, but it is true that long, loose shirts etc cool you down more than short, tight ones.

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