Have You Purchased The Latest Instyler Rotating Hair Iron?


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Jim Curtz answered
Not till now!
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Trying to let my hair grow out, lol not curling it much lately. Sorry hon.
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Lisa Kinzey
Lisa Kinzey commented
Me too. Used to have beautiful long wavy hair. Decided one day that I wanted to try having straight hair. Let a hair academy do the honors. THEY FRIED MY HAIR - LITERALLY! That happened late last year. I've been growing it back out. It grows fast, thank goodness.
Jacquelyn Mathis
Jacquelyn Mathis commented
The front of my hair is slowly getting out there to meet with the rest of the length in the back. At this slow rate, I think, it might be there in about 2 years. Ugh!!!!
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martha answered
I have not tried it- my hair is shorter. I use the regular curler irons.

I do know do NOT purchase the smooth away hair remover. It does not work. It is like wiping rough tissue over your legs. Nothing happens.
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I just got one a few days ago and am sadly disappointed. I am sure the return will be a nightmare.

I have long, fine, thin hair which is naturally frizzy/curly. I usually blow dry it and curl the ends with a regular curling iron. I love the look of it when I use a straightening iron, but I don't like the damage. I was hoping to get the best of both worlds in this iron, but alas, it made my hair flat and lifeless! I've used it that past two days and my self esteem has plummeted. Don't buy it.
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I got mine at www.DirectTechStore.com and I absolutely love it. Only $59.99 as well!

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