Is Tan Dead Skin Cells?


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No, tan skin cells are not dead cells, but they ARE skin cells that will die sooner than non-tanned skin cells.  This is because a tan is a sign of skin damage.  Your tanned skin cells are damaged cells.  They became damaged because you chose to expose them to ultraviolet rays.  There is no such thing as a healthy tan.  Just ask any dermatologist.
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No tan is not dead skin cells. When the sun or fake tan penetrates the skin it produces more melatonin in the cells which turn the colour darker ie. Brown. Thats why you should always exfoliate your skin first(get rid of dead skin cells before you tan so that you have a fresh skin look
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Tan is your body trying to protect itself from the sun
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Tan is the increase of Melanin in your skin.
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NO!!!! When you tan, your skin develops these things in your body tht contain brownish liquid and thats what makes your skin tan.
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No tan is not dead skin cells. Tan is cause by a chemical made by your body when sunlight is on it or the light from tanning beds.

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