How do you get rid of a sun tan quickly?


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Exfoliating is the best way to remove a tan. If it is a fake tanr then try alcohol, or better yet coconut oil if you have it. 

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Lemon juice is the best way to get rid from sun tan as it
has bleaching properties. Apply some fresh lime juice on tanned area of your
skin and leave it to dry and after that wash it off. 

You can also add some
cucumber juice in it for best result. You can also try the aloe vera gel which
will help you lighten your skin within a week and also nourishes your skin.

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Peyton Silas , Sunscreen, answered

There are many home remedies for removing sun tan from skin.
Some of them are:

Cucumber face pack: You can use cumber juice with
lemon juice and honey. Apply directly on face and other areas.

Tomato face pack: Tomato is perfect for skin tan
cure. Apply directly with lemon juice or yogurt for better result.

Potato face pack: Due to potatoes bleaching
property, it is perfect for removing tan from skin. Apply it with lemon juice.

Papaya face pack: papaya is also a great source
for removing skin tan. Apply it with honey for better result.

Sunscreen: Apply a good sunscreen for preventing
sun tan. I can suggest you a good sunscreen called Jacket sunscreen. With SPF 50, it prevents sun

These are the common and effective methods for removing sun tan
from skin

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