Where Can I Buy Walnut Dye For My Skin?


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The best skin dye is made from the walnut skins, or husks that cover the shell, Wear gloves and use a garlic press to extract. It stings and burns if you don't wash it off as soon as you get the color you want. Ti also gets darker. It absolutely does come off and has to be reapplied after a week or every week.
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Hi, you can make walnut dye by yourself. First buy some walnut, which you can easily find in any supermaket, then soak them in a cup of water for about 4 days, then you can dye your skin. If you want to make quick walnut dye, you can buy black walnut and put it into boiled water for about 15-20 mins,
But you need to be aware that once your skin dyed by the walnut juice, its very difficult to get rid of it, and may stay there permantly. Also different walnut has different colors, so before you apply it, you need to do some experiment to get the color you like because it can't be undo! Aonther thing, I don't know if its good for your skin or not even though its natual product, which should be no much harm, good luck!

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