How Do You Become Fair Quickly Using Home Remedies?


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One of the best and most practiced remedies for fair and glowing skin is milk powder and honey.

Dark and dull skin can be caused by a number of things, both physical and psychological.  It could be a poor diet, unhappiness, stress or maybe it’s just genetics.

A main cause of dull skin is too much sunlight.  While, yes the sun is extremely good for us and helps maintain a good level of vitamin D, like any good thing too much of it has the opposite effect.  Too much direct exposure to the skin can damage and burn it, especially when there is a high UV index.  On days over a level 5 UV index you should cover your skin with sunscreen to prevent this damage.

The milk and honey remedy is very easy to make.  Simply mix the two until you have made a paste then cover your face and any other patches of skin you want in it.  If you want you can add a few drops of olive oil to the mix to enhance it slightly.  This will not be an overnight fix.  There isn’t such a thing.  The remedy will take continuous daily use in order to take effect.

Another popular remedy is a mixture of dried orange peel and yogurt.  Peel an orange or two and dry the peel out in the shade.  Drying it in direct sunlight will just make it go rigid and unusable.  Once dried, tear it to pieces and grind it to powder.  A mortar and pestle would be best for this.  Then simply mix with yogurt and apply to your skin.  Given the ingredients, the trick here will be to not eat it.  This remedy also helps oily skin.

Having dark skin is not a bad thing.  Skin tone comes from genetics which comes from our ancestry.  If one or both of your parents, or someone else from further down the line has dark skin, there is always a chance you will too.  Ancestry is something to be proud of.

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    *Coconut Milk is good for having soft skin.    * Cucumber is used for treating dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness of eyes and sun tan    * Eggs work well as skin conditioner. Egg white is good for normal and oily skin and egg yolks are good for treating dry skin problems.    * Fenugreek seeds are used as skin scrubbers and if taken internally will help in blood purification.    * Honey removes wrinkles and act as a natural astringent, natural moisturizer.    * Milk provides nourishment to skin    * Nuts are used as scrubs and for treating wrinkles, skin pores and blackheads.    * Oatmeal for smoothening skin, improving complexion
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To lighten your skin at home, you should splash your face with ice-cold water at least ten times every day. This increases the circulation of blood and the flow of blood to the face. This, in turn, gives the face a glow. If you take proper care of your diet and get regular exercise (which could mean taking part in any form of freehand exercises or playing sport or regular work-outs in the gymnasium), it will work wonders, because a healthy and balanced diet combined with regular exercise brings about a natural glow to your complexion.

It is advisable to wash your face with yoghurt (or curd) which is about a day old every morning, which will ensure that your face has a healthy glow or shine. To lighten your skin at home, another quick tip would be to apply a mixture of an equal amount of lemon juice and honey on your face and then clean it off after a duration of about ten minutes.
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What you really need to learn is how to love yourself and stop trying to change to something you are not. Dark skin is beautiful. What makes you think you will look better with fair skin? I am fair skinned and I wish I were darker, but not enough to change the way god made me. I won't even cut my hair for someone else.
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I heard about glow2thyone glutathione

its a skin whitening tablet ,which can make you really fair . But the fairness is not permanent and you have to keep away from sunlight and must take supplements like vitamin c,b and e with it

devayani , I think it cost around 5000 rs in INDIA , feel sorry to say but I really don't know whether it is available in INDIA.

Natural alternate solution

take some turmeric powder and some coconut oil ,heat the oil but don't let it burn ,apply it to the skin and wait for 15 minutes before taking shower then

see the first answer and follow that procedure while taking shower,it will make some difference

hope my answer help you
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Yogurt is a really good facial that will bleach your skin in a very gentle way, it works on brown sun spots too, and if you really want to hit it, you can mix it with vinegar for a sure fire lightener.
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Well you cud try exfoliating your skin. Ermmm also I heard cutting a tomatoe in half and rubbing it gently on parts of your face for about 10secs helps. Make sure after you come from outside you wash your face to get rid of the pollution and bacteria, this should help a lil. X
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Take dry corn and pannier, grind them together. Then add some water and apply it in your;face and leave for 20 mins and wash with cold water. Do this at least for 2 months.  You will get a great result, trust me.

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Hands, feet and face are directly exposed to dust and sunlight. You should keep your face, hands, and feet clean by using a soap. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight by using sunscreen on the face and using socks and gloves on feet and hands respectively.
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If you mean fair as in light color, there are creams they sell for liver spots that will rid of any coloration. As well avoid the sun. If you want to get rid of pimples, vaseline applied once a week and washed off right away with hot water
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You just go and ask michael jackson about it..he'll tell you....!!!!
Or you can do 1 thing.... Be happy with what you have got....look even I am a dark skinned girl  but I think its just chill out dude..!!

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