How Long Should I Wait After Sun Poisoning To Go Tanning Again?


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Your question is as logical a someone asking, "How long should I wait after I poisoned myself with rat poison before I resume taking rat poison again?"  Exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun produces skin damage.  The earliest sign of skin damage is a tanning of the skin.  A tan is SKIN DAMAGE.  Sun poisoning is evidence of an ACUTE OVERDOSE to ultraviolet rays.  The more exposure of ultraviolet light, the higher the risk of skin cancer later in life.  Be good to your older self by not exposing your younger skin to ultraviolet rays now.
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we all know that over exposure is not good, however, millions of people love to lay in the sun.  The question is, how long after sun poisening until i  can go in the sun again without getting it again

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About  27362786138971 years

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