How to strip a jeri curl out of your hair?


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Hi, I am a licensed cosmetologist, and unfortunately a jeri curl is a chemical process applied to your tresses which means that the bonds have physically changed in your hair. This action once performed cannot be undone. No matter what the many products or procedures that claim to be able to strip your hair of chemicals or return your hair back to it's natural state, it is a scientific fact that nothing will perform this action accept for NEW HAIR! One of the easiest examples I can give to explain this is to think of Hair Color.  You notice how you apply hair color and when your "new growth" grows in, then you need to get retouch. The ends of your hair still wears the color while your new hair grows in your natural color. This is because the color on your ends are PERMANENT and so is the chemical process of the Jeri curl. So the ONLY true way to get rid of any chemical is to CUT it out or wait for it to grow out, keeping your ends trimmed as you go along. Please be advised that applying a different chemical over the curl (such as a relaxer) will not undo the over chemical, only cover it and may not only take, but may resort in severe hair loss. Please consult a professional before deciding your next move.

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