Where Can I See Pictures Of Shag Haircuts?


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Shag haircuts are easy to maintain and can be worn on men and women and have been around since the 70s. You can view pictures of Shag haircuts on the internet or hair magazines. If you simply type "Shag haircuts" into you will find many pages to browse through. These haircuts are available for any hair length; long, medium and short. Examples of people who have had this haircut include; Eva Mendes, Jack Black, Elijah Wood and Keira Knightley.
The Shag haircut is a relaxed layered look which is very popular with any age.  Layers can be tousled with minimum fuss and maximum style and if you're in a rush this is perfect hairstyle for you. This haircut is not for you if you like neat edges and straight lines. It is surprisingly versatile, you can wear it flicked out, tousled, a little bit wild and over to one side or the other.
The Shag haircut covers a wide range of different hair styles and it is a term for a messy or ruffled layered look. Certain websites like or You can even watch shag haircuts in motion on Youtube! There are also tutorials to help you understand how to cut your own hair in this style, but please action caution when doing this and Blurtit does not take any responsibility for any home haircuts.
People often say that a Shag haircut will frame your face so this is often a great haircut to try out for a special occasion or for a first date. Hair stylists may backcomb the crown part of your hair for extra volume. By searching through the internet you will find thousands of different versions of the Shag hair style, so hopefully you'll be able to imagine what you will look like with this cut.
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I am not a hairstylist but have searched for you some pictures of Shag haircut. I think that it might be helpful for you.  Please visit  this website and have close look and try to fit your face in these hair cuts. For pictures visit, Shag haircut.
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As a cosmetology instructor I use select images type in shag haircuts. Lots of variation there.
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Ah, back to the hippie days- I miss those.. Do you remember Rod Stewart? When his hair was a little on the long side? That is a shag.

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