How Can I Strip A Perm Out Of My Hair?


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There is no real solution to this issue, but you could let the perm grow out and go to the hairdressers in order to get your hair cut every two months.
You should also use hot oil and deep conditioner treatments. This is because your hair requires vital nutrients. Do not try to strip a perm out unless you want to cut all your hair off and cause damage. Your hair should be normally be back to restored vitality within two to three months.
You can choose to grow the perm out of your hair, or the other alternative is to remove the permed part of your hair and leave your natural hair.
If you decide to leave the permed part of your hair in with your natural hair, then you are going to experience a lot of severe breakage. Yet if you chop off the permed part then you will have nothing to worry yourself about. The best way is to seek out professional hair care.
And to prevent your hair from any more breakage, do not comb it as often. When you do comb it, use a wide toothed comb. You should also keep your hair in a bun or a ponytail.
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You may try to rinse hair in vinegar once washed, this helps
sometimes,however the best way to get rid of the perm
hair quicky is to gradually cut it off, assuming that you are
trying to go natural or go into something like a jeri curl.
You didn't state whether it was ethnic hair or not. I know this
works on ethnic hair. Hope this helps. I am a strylist.
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I asked my hairdresser this same question today. Her reply was the same as...vinegar can help speed up the transition. There is nothing currently that will actually strip your hair back to it's natural state.
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So what exactly is the process....

Im tryin to strip mine..

How long will this take, how often do i do it.?
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If I strip the perm with a perm solution to make it straight by combing it what is the neutralizer I have to buy as I just had my hair perm and it has gone horribly wrong I'm actually scared to leave the house because people keep looking at me funny and its quite upsetting
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Use over counter perm and comb the solution through foe fifteen or twenty minutes rinse comb out straight then add neutralizer then wait five minutes then rinse ive done it many time
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What kind of solution robin
Darlene Bobczyk
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The beautician I had over processed my hair its horrible now I have to comb thru sections and blow dry it straight its so horrible she used small rollers too

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