How Can You Get Your Hair Color Back To Normal After Dying It Black?


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Jeeeeez, I'm surprised my Mother  (OkieGranny) hasn't chimed in on this one!  Both she and I have dyed our hair since we were pretty young and I just recently decided to try to get back to my natural hair color.  I spoke to my gal at the hair salon because I was having ZERO luck.  I was either a shade too dark, or a shade too light and I was really beginning to think I would never get it.  I was told to try half shades, mixing half of what I thought was the right shade with half of what I thought might be too light.  It got me as close as I could hope to come to my natural color and I was ok with it for a while.  Then my kids and my husband all told me that my hair 'HAS seen better days'.  I was stunned and terribly hurt.  Now I'm back to the faded red you see in my avatar or whatever you call it.
Half the shade you think with half the shade you think is too light.  Might work, might not.  I'll send positive thoughts your way my dear and probably expect to hear from OkieGranny on this.  lol
Good Luck!
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P.S. you'll have to try to remove the black first. Ultra Blonde- may have to do it twice, until your hair is the color of straw unfortunately. You'll need all the pigment removed before following my suggestion above.
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Well its very difficult there are only two options either wait for hair to grow or use another dye closer to your natural hair.

If you go for dye then you have to use bleach because on black dye the color wont come and lots of dye will be wasted... I hope it might help.

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With black hair the only thing to do is let it grow out, you could bleach it but that is very bad for your hair. Besides if you bleach it, its going to pull a hideous red color that will need a toner on top of it. Your best bet is to just let it grow out. When you wash your hair it will slowly fade out...once your nat color starts growing in, to prevent long obvious roots...color them a soft black and go lighter and lighter every time until your hair color is back. I'm in the process of doing the same thing to my own.
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Do you like your hair black?  If so just buy a wig for the photo.  Believe me, you won't spend any more for that than you will trying to dye it back.  If you don't like the black color though and actually want to be back to your natural color you're going to have to do what Auntimaime, BearGrizz2 and Jannifer have said.  And let me tell you, BearGrizz2 isn't exaggerating when she says "it's going to pull a hideous red color" because hideous is an understatement.  Good luck kiddo.  Try not to forget this lesson and don't dye it black unless you really, really like the way it looks.

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