How Can I Remove Hairs In The Testicle And Penis Areas?


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It wasn't that long ago that the only men with smooth, hairless skin were strippers, bodybuilders, cyclists, runners, and swimmers.

Today, men of all backgrounds (including me) pay a bit more attention to male grooming.

Trimming your hair 'down there' can be a sensitive subject. Great attention to detail is required and, for the trickier jobs, you may want to consult a professional.

How to remove hairs from your penis and testicles
This method involves application of a hot wax, which is removed after a few seconds with a strip of cloth or muslin, taking root and hair in one shot - not unlike the removal of a band-aid.

Waxing can be a very painful home remedy to unwanted hair, but is not permanent. However, the hair will usually grow back a little thinner and you will be able to wait a longer period of time in-between, as opposed to shaving.

Hair removal cream
This is a type of cream that you can easily apply to your pubic area.

Let it do its work for a few minutes, and then use the spatula provided to scoop away the hair and foam. It is pain-free, and doesn't result in the same kind of stubbly re-growth associated with shaving.

Permanent pubic hair removal

If you are looking for a permanent option, then electrolysis is the way to go.

Some guys are hesitant about going through with electrolysis because it must be done by a professional electrologist in an office rather than in the privacy of your bathroom; it also requires weekly visits until the hair is completely gone.

The idea behind electrolysis is that a needle goes in and zaps the hair, killing the root - but results vary from person to person.

It is not really a large-scale removal procedure and should only be used on small patches like the genital area or the eyebrows, rather than the back or legs.

In my experience, this method is slightly less painful than waxing.

Say goodbye to your pubes

Finally, rather than going for a completely smooth appearance on your first attempt, maybe trimming is a more practical starting point.

Clippers such as those you would use for a home haircut can be purchased at almost any discount retailer for around fifteen to thirty dollars.

This method is not painful at all, and will also alleviate the itchiness that is associated with shaving with a standard razor.

The "natural" look is really not appealing in today's image-obsessed society. Men are rarely shown on television and film without a well-groomed and well-maintained physique.

Trimming, in my opinion, is the quickest and cheapest way to jump on the wagon while maintaining the highest level of comfort possible, relatively-speaking, of course!
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Hi everyone,

I suffered from this too, I had hair growing on my penis and it took me a while to get rid of it, now my penis is completely smooth and I'm satisfied with the way it looks. I built a little website with some solid information about this disturbing problem in order to help people with the same issue

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Go get your 'area' waxed or just shave it off with a razor.
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1) Shave with a razor--especially the triple blade kind...take your time...

2) Exfoliate area shaved with exfoliating cleanser, loofah sponge or sugar scrub, etc. NOTE: Do not use a salt scrub...

3) Liberally apply lotion to the area shaved with a decent and scentless lotion.

This 3-part treatment helps with the bumps that sometimes comes with shaving sensitive areas, and this same technique can work for shaving the stomach or chest...
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This is how you remove your hair down there - go get them shaved, or just take some scissors and start clipping, or get a razor and shave away.
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Just did it.  Found out about sugar-based products.  Nair now makes a product and you can wash the excess off with water. 

It does hurt a bit, but less blood than shaving. 

I found the trick was to pull in various directions, because hair grows in various directions. 

I also reused the same strip a few times right away to keep the process going. I applied the wax in a larger area and then kept moving.  So

....I lived.  BUT...I do have a higher pain tolerance!  Ciao.
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Okay, I take a little pair of clippers for my balls - but don't shave all your pubic hair off! You should trim above the penis lightly and your shaft with a razor - get that nice and clean.

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