What Cause Grey Or White Hair To Appear In Young Person(aged 20s)? What Is The Cure?


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 honey that is just family genes and there is nothing you can do about it...there are many men who start loosing there hair in there late teens. My brother and my sister were half gray when they graduated from high school. I started coloring my hair blonder in high school...There are many different brands to chose from but the ones that range in the $8.00 to $10.00's are the best ones to buy and easiest on your hair as far as getting a little dry which happens when you perm or color your hair and your cheap $3.00 ones I would advice you to stay clear from or you can go to a beauty shop and have it done buy a professional. Good luck! Joy.
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Generally that is a genetic thing. Which means that it is a gene from the family pool. I have cousins who,  after their Dad's side of the family, all the kids start graying in high school, by their early 20's they are completely white headed. You could try those hair color maintenance kits. The ones that used to be for Men.
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It's a deficiency of vitamin H. Eat plenty of fish and get cod liver oil or pills and go see a dermatologist about it. This can also be genetic, if you're the only one in the family with the problem then it's probably not genetic. In any case do consult a good doctor about it.
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Well all the men in my family go from dark and handsome to grey and distinguished by 35 and get the comb over by 50. I think its more than just vitamins. Could be genetic. Are you the only one?
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I have seen this happen in many people.  You are ok, it is probably just some kind of vitamin deficiency or something maybe, which is my guess.  A lot of people in their 20's tint there hair due to the same reason.  You just don't notice because they have a tint on their hair.  If you do have questions I don't know how a doctor could help you much.  I would try a beautician, someone who has a lot of experience dealing with hair.  Just don't feel the pressure to change your hair if you don't want too.  Good luck.
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I would suggest you see a doctor.   It could be a health issue that is not just about the hair.  

Also, stress could cause the hair to turn grey.   Ask yourself what is causing you worry, fear, or anxiety.   It is difficult to face these issues and to be honest with ourselves.   Sometimes, we are not even aware of it.     

I hope you will find your answer and be healthy.
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Ask your relatives - this can be inherited and healthy.

Any major or sudden change in body should be discussed with a medical professional.  Surfing medical sites for reliable information is good.  Do not worry, do not delay, just get good answers.
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I Would Just Pull Em' Out 2! I Mean I Have Sum White/Grey Hairs Right Now N I'm Only 17

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