How Do You Strip Blonde Hair To Light Brown Again?


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I'm trying to do the exact same thing, I think you will be best going to a professional but whatever you do don't dye it black or dark brown, I've tried that before and it basically just makes it go orange, and takes about a year to get back to normal.
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Blonde hair can not be stripped. However, if you are blonde and you want to go dark - here's what to do. Buy a permanent red dye and apply it to your hair. Rinse out after the correct time and whilst your hair is still damp, apply a dark brown permanent. This works because dark hair which has been bleached has had the red tones stripped out. They need to be put back before you can apply brown. Otherwise, you would just go ginger if you put brown dye immediately on top of blonde. Hope this helps.
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I'm going the opposite way to you! Haha, I'm going from purple though and everyone is like NO you can't go blonde (in your case brown)

Basicly I would suggest going to a salon but you don't HAVE too. I would recoment getting more than one box of dye though and about 2 levels darker than you're desired colour as you're hair as all the diferent pigments.

I would also suggest that you use browns with cooler tones as if you use warm tones like red and purple you may go a lovely orange.
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IT is very easy . now a days there are very fine and harmless hair color are available in market. You can use them. Don't try to use bleach to remove he color because it turn your hair color light golden or white
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You cannot strip blonde out of hair. Kaizenhair is correct in putting color back into the hair to achieve a brown. Go to a professional to have it done correctly. Store bought colors will leave your hair too warm (orange) or too ash (green) You need to know what the base colors are in haircolor to get it correct.
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OK now that wound be a tint back.... You need to be very careful... when hair is blonde it is missing things that it needs to hold darker shades. Stay away from ash colors. Your best bet would be to go to a pro.

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