Does It Hurt When You Get A Tattoo?


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I have 6 tats and my first one I was scared to and yes it does hurt !! Some people say that after awhile you don't feel it anymore but I felt every bit of mine!!! It also depends on where you get it at, like the fattier parts of your body doesnt hurt as much as on the bone like your ankle or top of your foot. And as for taking something before you go in to ease the pain , well people have told me that doesnt always work either!! It just hurts no matter what!! But if you really want it and think it is worth it like I did ten go for it !!!!
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Depends on your tolerance of pain.and the location of the tattoo I have 7, shoulders, calf and lower back, feet.  Mine hurt only for the outline, but it wasn't anything that i couldn't take.the coloring i didn't feel, i went numb. My feet hurt like HELL!!!! Did not go numb there. But i stuck it out, and went on with them.
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No, it does not hurt.  
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Hey, no pain no gain!
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It depends on where you get the tattoo. I have 4 of them myself and only one really hurt (The bottom of my big toe) I think if you can sit through the outline, the coloring feels quite nice.
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I'm afraid it does hurt. That's why many people talk valums before they get it done
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Valiums aren't painkillers. They are given for anxiety,nerves. That would be the reason if anyone took a Valium before getting tattooed.

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