Would a tattoo on your stomach (like to the side though), hurt real bad?


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It doesnt hurt that much. I have a tattoo exacly where you explained. To the sides of the tattoo (nearer the hip) hurt the most, the middle part didnt hurt at all (nearer the stomach). The most painful place to have a tattoo is down the sides of your body.
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Everyone that is interested in a  tattoo asks does it hurt? No pain, no
gain is the answer to that question. It  should be kept in mind though
that not all body parts are as sensitive as  others and does it hurt? No
pain, no gain is just a general summary of the  process. Fleshy parts
of the body are not as painful to tattoo as those on  bones or on thin
skin. The question and answer does it hurt? No pain, no gain  is also
based on the individual person, because not everyone has the same pain 
tolerance levels. You don't have need fear that tattoo hurt more.
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Destiny Martin
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So basically on my fat (stomach) it wouldnt be as painful.. As it would on like cartlidge or maybe my back or foot.. Correct?
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This area is not too painful as it is quite fleshy.
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natalie johnson answered
They hurt everywhere they go, especially around that area.
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Destiny Martin
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Well, where would be a good spot for a first tattoo? I cant get it on my side now, because the guy whos doing it wont let me.. I was thinking my foot..
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I had a five inch gecko on my right side of my stomach, hurt but it werent unbearable, depends how you find tatoo pain in general though, some folks can take it and some folks are pussies lol...
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Well, see I havee 12 piercings ears lip(four times) & my belly. Everybody tells me it wont hurt so bad if I could take all of these! So it basically will just burn a lil bitt afterwards? Btw appreciate the response!
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Most people experience pin pricks when getting tattoos. If you have it done by an experienced professional, he will use a topical anesthetic and you won't feel a thing until it wears off, and then it will hurt like a burn for a few days.

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