I'm turning 16 this year and am able to get a tattoo. Where's a good place to get my first one? I was thinking my wrist, also how bad does it hurt? Thanks ^^


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Ok Dakota, I've had a few tats done, my first was when I entered nursing school, my second was last year, and my third a few months ago....my third I got on my wrist, to tell you the truth, I'll never get another one done or any more work done on the one on my wrist....it was extremely painful, the others were ok,  just letting you know!

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Your wrist would be good! :) and the tattoo you found is cool but maybe not for a first tattoo ;) Well, scratch that. It may work :D You could do something simple! It doesn't hurt as bad as you may think. I have a two tattoos (well, you know that...) the one on my wrist didn't hurt that bad. Just don't get one on your foot! That stuff hurts!

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I like this one!

a music related one would be cool too ^^

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Dakota  Mackenzie
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Oh, okey. Thank you :D I see what you mean ^^ I think purple would be amazing! :) My sister has a pink tattoo (also a heart, so I'm getting one to match.) but I don't like the how it looks :o Would blue look nice? :)
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Yes - pick a brighter blue, not a dark, navy blue. The color should pop out a little. Turquoise might look good, too.
Dakota  Mackenzie
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I'd choose a Cobalt blue :3 My phone's theme is cobalt and it's pretty light :) that or an icy blue. Thank you, very much ^^
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How about this? Because of your nickname ^^

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They're beautiful... I really like them. More so then the heart. :D I have awhile to put it together. I turn 16 in January... :) I think, I've decided ^^ actually, I know for sure.

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