Does Getting A Tattoo Hurt? How Much Does It Usually Cost?


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Ive just had a tiny butterfly with some decorative swooshes done on my foot. It cost me £60 which I thought was a little dear, but it is really sweet. The pain is hard to describe but I kept thinking it felt like I was being stung by a bee over and over again. Its bearable pain more annoying than anything!
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If you think you want to get a Chinese tattoo and you really want it, then I think you should get one. But always make sure you take a Chinese speaking friend with you otherwise they might tattoo you with something you do not want. These Chinese letters and symbols can be very confusing at times. Now it is common knowledge that getting a tattoo does hurt. But that is common every where, when ever you really want something it would come with certain sacrifices.

But do not worry; I am sure it won't be that bad.As far as cost of tattoos is concerned, it varies from area to area. The best thing is that you should go to the shop and ask them, how much they would charge for a tattoo. Here people can provide you with estimated figures, since every tattoo shop and artist has his/her own charge methods.Broadly speaking some tattoo shops charge around 60 to 80 dollars. But like I said before it varies for different areas. Where I live it costs around 8o dollars. High quality tattoos can cost between 100 to 120 dollars.Always remember that a good tattoo would never come cheap. So the choice is really yours.
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I was always told that getting one HURT- I got mine done about 4 or 5 months ago on my upper shoulder area of the back. It took about 30 minutes to do, and it only stung the last few minutes (because of the swelling). The "worst" pain was about a 3 on a 10 scale. It cost $50 and was a little bigger than a half-dollar coin. The more bony the area, the more it hurts.
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I got my first tattoo today.  I walked in pretty nervous, but after the first couple min it didn't feel bad at all!!!! It felt to me like someone took a pencil and was rubbing on my skin. I got it on my back and it took 3 hours.
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Getting a tattoo hurts, some places hurt worse than others but you have to think of it this way` no pain no gain` and if you really want one then you will do it and not think about the pain.

As far as how much do they cost, it varies from one artist to another, my husband will not even open the door for less than 60 bucks and the most he has ever charges so far for a back piece was 600 bucks, but normally the higher is the quality and art work the higher is the price.
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One thing to bear in mind is that if an artist says that they can fit you in immediately then there is probably a reason for that (the good artists are too busy for immediate appointments) 9 times out of 10. Also this is a permanent thing so think very carefully before paying up. If an artist is dear then its probably because they do a very very good job. - personal opinion. Steve
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The cost depends on how big it is and the people that you are getting it done at. I have a Tattoo On My Leg Of Texas That cost $100 & Thats Better Than The Other Place I Was Going To Get It Done At because They Were going to Charge Like $200. The Pain Depends On Your Pain Tolerance... Mines Didnt Hurt. I Have 5 Tats & The Only one That Hurt Was The One On My Ankle
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It hurts but not as bad as you think. If you can't handle a little pain then don't get a tattoo.

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Depends were you go but its about 75 to 100 $ per square in it best to get a hourly if you canon larger pieces

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