My hair looks terrible if I don't straighten it everyday because it just is a mess and it goes everywhere. However, I got split ends because I straightened my hair so much. I just got a haircut how do i prevent the split ends and dry hair?


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BEN GREGO answered
Yegads I cannot believe some of these answers!!!!

Have you tried just using those shampoos and conditioners for frizzy/curly hair? As for split ends, the best way to get rid of them is to get REGULAR HAIR CUTS!!
You know, as in every 6 to 8 weeks...and condition each time you shampoo..

.as for leaving your conditioner on until it dries???  What the hell is that about?? Once the conditioner is in your hair for 5 mins. Or so, it's  done it's job; you could leave it in for a week and it won't condition any further!  Gads.... for avocado hair mask, I guess it'd help; avocado is, after all, an emollient.....but leaving it on for one hour?  Again, not necessary...

Perhaps you need to go to a good salon and see if they can recommend a haircut that would make use of the texture of your hair, with minimal fuss and bother on your part...

....if you insist on continuing the straightening, please be sure to get yourself good the way, the old fashioned way, (I'm a retired hairdresser and have seen this work) almost like the avocado treatment, is to use MAYONNAISE...real mayo, not 'Miracle Whip', which is NOT put it on dirty hair, comb it thru, and let it sit for about 20 mins...then wash your hair; probably at least 2 - 3 times, and you will get great results...better yet, after you apply the mayo, warm a damp town in the micorwave for a min. Or two, until it's comfortable warm, wrap your hair in the towel, and put a plastic bag or Cling wrap or Saran wrap over the towel; when it starts to cool down, reheat the towel; try to have the warm towel on your hair for at least 15 - 20 you will be reheating the towel a few times...lots easier to get than an avocado!!
If you do have an avocado, do the same thing with it, then the heated towel, etc...Sorry to ramble on so long but I wanted you to have a complete answer!!
Get back to me if you have any further questions or concerns!!
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Joy Thompson answered
Try using shampoo and conditioner that is anti-split ends. Like Tresemme, that's what I use and it is very good. I don't have split ends anymore and my hair is very soft and healthy. I have to straighten my hair everyday too, because if I don't then it is all over the place and is very curly (I have naturally curly hair) and when I straighten it, then it looks much better. I've straightened my hair every day for the past year and I got split ends too, but before and after (yes, after) I straighten my hair, I put Tresemme heat tamer spray on my hair. It gets rid of frizziness and helps with split ends. It's less than $5 at Walmart, so it's at an affordable price. If I am seeing my split ends (or they're too noticeable) then I just put the heat tamer spray on my hair. It also smells good. :D I hope I helped. :)
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bhabes alvarez answered
♥ how about re-bonding? AtLeast it wiLL Last for six months :)
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irena answered
Have a hair mask.

With a conditioner: Apply on a wet hair a conditioner. Don't wash until it dries (let it dry by itself- no hair dryers!). After your hair is dry wash it. It is working 100% -I did this.

With a natural hair mask: Apply an avocado on your wet hair for 1 hour. Then wash it with a warm water. My friend did this mask, she said that it worked.

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