My hair has suddenly got quite damaged and has got serious split ends, What do i do to get it back to normal, undamaged and healthy?


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Well I'm afraid you might have to start with a good trim, and then be careful what products you use from here on, and try not to use a blow dryer or curling iron too much, those are the big hair offenders.
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natalie johnson
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You have to cut if off or it will so get worse.
If you go to the salon they can offer conditioning treatments but they will tell you that you so have to cut your hair and how far back.
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This is what I do.
If you're cheap on money, go buy "Aussie 3 Minute Miracle".
Take a shower, and put that in your hair.
Put your hair in a pony tail and a shower cap.
Get out of the shower for 2 hours.
Then get back in the shower and rinse it out.
Also buy a leave in conditioner for when you get out of the shower.
Always let your hair dry naturally.
And sometimes it's your shampoo that can damage your hair.
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Sorry darlin, you have to have at least an inch taken off.  I know, I hate it too!. To prevent more damage, make sure you wash your hair with a mild natural shampoo, use one of the many heat treatment oil conditioners before having it cut, If having a salon do the cutting, make sure they "wet-cut" hair.
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Try washing it with a specialist shampoo and conditioner that deals specifically in healing damaged split ends.
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You should trim the split ends and check if ypur shampoo suits your hair, also have been there changes in your diet? Oily food makes your hair lose it's shine
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Get a new haircut:) like a pixie or a bob.
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You are so going to have to cut it if you don't want it to spread. Go to a professional and they so will tell you the same thing and will so be able to offer some deep conditioning treatment.
BEN GREGO answered
I seriously doubt that your hair 'suddenly' became are kidding, right?

That sort of thing takes place over a period of neglected it, period!!
Sorry to be so harsh but that's what I think....

And as others have said here, get ALL those split ends CUT OFF...regardless of how short your hair has to be!!!...bite the bullet and before you know it, it will start growing out.....

Do NOT use blow dryers, etc., or any heat on your hair...let it air dry!!

DO use conditioners and shampoos for the type of hair you have...dry, oily, curly, whatever.

And DO NOT go more than 6 weeks between trims! 


You see, when you go on a schedule like that, along with as little use of heat on your hair as possible, and using shampoos and conditioners for your hair type, you won't have to get all those split ends cut off, because there won't BE any!

You have to get yourself on a schedule with your trims!!!!

Sorry if I came across as harsh, but I feel very strongly about proper hair care!!!

So do it, get it done, and you will enjoy your healthy hair forever!!!!
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Faire Maiden
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Sapphire-- I would very much like to answer your question, but I first need to know what, exactly, do you do to your hair? And, what products do you use on your hair? Also, what kind of water do you bathe in? I ask that because if you live rurally, you're probably on well-water which has tons of minerals in it. If you live in the city, you could very well be suffering from the chlorine in the water.
Sapphire McAdams
Probably the chlorine,idunno,i think my hair is getting better now anyways
BEN GREGO commented
Wow you sure must be a well-bred young lady..I was harsh as I wanted to make sure you understood my opinion....and, we always have money for what we really want..and besides that, you could always go to a cosmetology school!! All the work students do is under close supervision....AND, if you NEVER neglect your hair, why do you have split ends in the first place?? IF NOTHING ELSE...there's a book called 'how to cut your hair yourself' clearly shows how to do trims, bangs, as well....

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