If I Dyed My Hair And It Messed Up, How Can I Fix It? Or How Long Do I Wait Until I Dye It A Different Color?


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The product "color oops" works well. Read the reviews before deciding on it.

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First thing to understand is that color will NOT lift a color that is already on your hair. You do not say what brand or the color you used and what color you ended up with. It is impossible to answer this question without those facts. Some colors such as "Nice and Easy" have a metallic base in them and once they are "coated" on your hair the only way to remove it is by a professional. Hair color with Metallic in it does not penetrate the hair but instead coats it. These types of products are not good for the hair and if you continue to apply them over top of what you have already colored, they will cause your hair to become dull, lifeless and very brittle. Resulting in breakage. You could get your hair in to a lot of trouble by recoloring and then you would be considered as a "corrective color ". Finding a professional who knows corrective color is not an easy thing to do and even if you do find a good one she or he will not be able to guarantee the results because if you have damaged your hair to the point that it is so porous, then your hair may not even hold the color filler or color any longer. You can expect to be in the salon for a minimum of about four hours depending on what exactly you have done to it and corrective color is very expensive. So my advice it to see a professional before you damage your hair.
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The first thing to do is look on the bottle of coloring you used for a toll free number. I am assuming you used a home type product. Call and explain what went wrong. They may be able to help you get the color you desire. You can also go to a professional salon and see what they say.
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You must wait at least 3-4 months until you dye your hair again, 2 months at the very least. If you dye before then your hair will become stiff and dull. Just get Vitamin C powder with some orange juice. This should work if not dye then dye it naturally. This you can do it straight away. You might be dying your hair Auburn so use henna and indigo. This is the best solution, all the quickest and easiest.
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Excessive dyeing can cause damage to your hair. One must wait for atleast 6 months for redyeing of hair. However, You can dye them at home or at a saloon in a different color. It would be bad for your hair but you would atleast get rid of the present color of your hair. You can use natural ingredient like Henna for coloring your hair. It won't be auburn but the reddish brown color looks amazing.

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