How Long Does Straightened Hair Last?


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Hair straightening is a simple procedure. A person should have their hair shampooed and conditioned from advance. Before the procedure is conducted the hair has to be damp. Then either creams that are organic or inorganic, or hair relaxing chemicals, or hair straightening irons can be used to treat the hair.

The procedure, creams and chemicals used are pretty harmless, but even if these are not available organic substances can be used. Depending on the type of procedure employed the hair can remain straight for a particular duration of time. It is also recommended that the hair not be washed for at least a few days after the procedure.

Even washing the hair may not result in an immediate return to the former state but subsequent washings will result in the original texture of the hair returning.
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For me, either when it gets wet or a little less than a week. But it depends on the straightener and your hair.
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My hair usually lasts a week(5-7days) it depends though,
if you feel it getting greasy you should wash it, or if it feels dirty then
that shows that its probably time to wash your hair.
Cold weather helps a lot!
Hope this helped(:

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