What Type Of Human Hair Extensions Can Be Blow Dried Or Straightened Daily?


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Human hair extensions, on a day to day basis, should be treated as if it were your own long hair. The extensions should be shampooed, conditioned and brushed on a regular basis, and it is fine to blow dry and straighten the hair with electric irons.

There are many different types of hair extensions on the market, both made from human hair and synthetic hair. 'Hair weave' is synthetic or real hair that is loose and attached to a sewn weft track, the weft can be sewn to the hair in cornrows or glued in. Another method is 'bulk hair', this again can be either human or synthetic; the synthetic hair comes as dreadlocks, braids and microbraids.

There is great demand in the Britain and the USA for real hair extensions, and some people choose synthetic hair over human hair for ethical reasons. Human hair is typically sourced from developing countries, and is cut from some of the poorest women in the world. Hair exporters made over $300 million last year, yet a lot of women will receive $10 if they are lucky, and many women receive nothing.

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Hair extensions made of natural human hair are all can be blow dried or straightened daily. BUT!! First make sure the hair extensions are made of 100% real human hair.

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There are so many different
types of human hair extensions. Here are we mentioned below:




You can treat human hair extensions like yours. You can blow
dry them or you can straightened or also curl them. But make sure to buy good quality human hair extensions.

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You can treat human hair extensions like your own hair but be careful not to abuse them as they won't grow back!
I found this article useful in deciding what type of extensions to go for. It's got some useful info on cost, maintenance and pros and cons for each method.


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